Ramadhan Gift Boxes ( under RM50 )

Another great gift box idea for teh coming festive Ramadhan / Raya or as a wedding favor.

RG 001 Decorated Oval Bamboo Box
Size : 10cm x 8cm
Price varies according to contents. Please contact me directly for quote.
A minimum order required.

Choice of Contents :
Mariami kurma / Mini figs / Mixed Raisins, etc

RG 002 : Decorated Square Wooden Box
As shown in picture,each box is sold from RM20 onwards. Price will vary according to contents. A minimum order required. Please contact me directly for more info.
Choice of Contents :
1) Kurma - 10 pieces : RM20 / box
2) Mini figs - 5 pieces + Kurma (5 pieces) : RM20 /box
3) Raya Cookies - 8 pieces & Kurma (5 pieces) : RM25 /box
4) Coated Kurma with Chocolate - 10 pieces : RM40 /box
6) Nougat (5 pieces) + Kurma (5 pieces) : RM25/box

Size : W 101 x L 101 x H 63.5 mm

Personalized orders welcome. Various types and sizes of gift boxes.

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