MHG 016 : Sail of Splendor (SOS) series

Sail away with our Sail of Splendor (SOS),an unique 'off white colored' rattan weaved sail liked basket , filled with mixture of east and west delicacies.
MHG 016 1
Price :  RM250 

2 "Vantage" piece filled with 250g Mariami Kurma & Dodol Wajik
2 Raya Cookies 400g each -  Mocha Raisin and Butter Rice Crisp
Cocoa Rich Chocolate Drink 
Ferrero Roche
Tudor Gold Limited Edition Chocolates

MHG 016 2
Price RM300

3 types of Raya cookies (medium size)
~ Butter fingers 
~ Snow Balls 
~ Pineapple Tarts
500 gms Mariami Kurma in Gold tin (large)
300 gms of coconut dodol
Tudor Gold 'Moments to Treasure' Chocolates (155g)
Australian 'Carmans'  Original Fruit Free Muesli bars 4x45g bars (180g)
Publish Post

Imported Rich Highland Shorties (300g)
Ahmad Tea London Mango Black Tea 20s (40g)

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